Beth Wood - Peru Lima East Mission

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct they paths." (Proverbs 3: 5 & 6)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 11 email

Hola familia,
This week's been kinda slow, just classes and classes. Not much more than that. Yesterday all the missionsaries went out on their missions so all that we have left here is the group I came in with. No Latinos and no "older" kids. We miss them, they were pretty cool. But today we will get new Latinos and sometime at 2 am we will get new North American missionaries. It´ll be fun to meet new people. That´s what we do - continue to get new people. In three weeks I will be out on my mission in my first area! Yikes! My Spanish better get better. Anyway, today we are also moving rooms to make room for the new people and so the cleaning people can clean the rooms really well. So how's grandma doing? I hope she's home now. How's life in CG? Today we get to go on a tour of Peru to go see the sights a little & learn about the history and go shopping! Yeah, it's a like a missionary field trip. LOL, we are a happy bunch of people. LOL. OK, love you guys lots.
Love, Hermana Wood

August 4, 2010

OK everyone, my eye is better! I'm in the clear now, I just have to dodge the colds that seem to be plaguing the CCM. The cold & humidity brings a lot of that. I just remember I've been blessed with health so I do what I can to avoid illness.
My Spanish is coming along. I'm still way nervous to talk to anyone outside of the CCM in Spanish but it's getting better. On Saturdays we go proselyting to less active members in different parts of Lima. So I get to walk around with my companion and a member of the ward to lead the way and go visiting teaching basically. It was cool to walk the streets of PerĂº. We went to a poor part of the city, it was so different from the U.S. I'm instantly very grateful for everything I had at home. But we got to talk to people, bear our testimony, and talk about the church with people. My understanding in Spanish is still not the best, but I could understand the jist of every conversation. Not enough to say much but it felt like someone was whispering to my mind about what was being said and what I needed to say. Never before when people spoke about the gift of tongues, or the gift of interpretaion, did I understand until then. The Lord knows his children and he knows how to use the missionaries as instruments.
Ok today we went to Immigration (dept), and I think now I'm an official citizen of PerĂº for 18 months!! Wow! Then after that we went shopping and we went to this store; it's like Walmart. It was so cool to feel like home here, and I've always wondered what it was like to be in a store and be speaking another language that wasn't the native language. Yup, it's weird and cool. People kinda give you weird looks like, "what are they saying?" But then we saw a teacher from the CCM and we're speaking Spanish cause she doesnt understand English.
OK, I love you guys, if I can get more time I will write more. Love you all so much, I hope you will email me pictures soon. Oh how's Grandma? Love you- Hermana Wood